Orangeries and Greenhouses in Silverdale

You may think that some building projects are too small to use an architect. But, if you want to ensure that you get right the building for you, you can even use an architect to design your greenhouse or orangery.Gordon’s client’s for this project have a very long, narrow garden set out on two levels. Their old greenhouse was reaching the end of its lifespan and needed a replacement. This was an opportunity to build a multi-purpose garden building.

The top level of the clients’ garden is formal with lawns and herbaceous borders. The lower level has a pond, vegetable beds with informal grass areas and trees. At the bottom of the garden is a patio next to a stream and across the stream is their allotment. So, it’s a long journey from the house to the allotment.

Greenhouse in Victorian garden

The brief was to design a multi-function greenhouse/orangery/garden room that complimented the Victorian terraced house. Half of the orangery would be used as a greenhouse and the other half as a detached  garden room where the owners could sit and relax and enjoy the garden on cooler evenings.

The house and garden are traditional and it is important that the new building is traditional too.  The house is four storeys tall, so the greenhouse can be seen from most windows at the back of the house. It was important that it blends into the established garden and looks as if it has always been there.

Greenhouse from sitting room window

Because the garden is narrow the obvious shape for the building is rectangular. The greenhouse section has a glass wall dividing it from the garden room section with a door to join the two sections together. both rooms can also be accessed by their own doors from outside.

Though a small and relatively simple project, using an architect ensured that the clients got exactly what they wanted without having to compromise.


This is what they have to say about their orangery:

‘We have been enjoying our greenhouse for a number of years now.

While it provides us with the means of propagating beautiful flowers and plants for our garden and vegetables for our table, it is also a brilliant space away from the house to chill out on cool summer evenings.  When we planned the project we wanted a traditional design and Gordon gave us exactly that, utilising space and environment to the full.

It looks beautiful, and as well as being functional provides us with a place to relax and enjoy the garden whatever the weather.  Gordon was a delight to work with, his advice, invention and skill were invaluable in transforming ideas into reality and he helped to make the whole process into a adventure.’

Mr and Mrs Mitchell, Preston, Lancashire.



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